"SMART" Recruiting Solutions

Great results at industry low fees

Ridgeback Recruiting:

Helping organizations practice "SMART" recruiting

Ridgeback provides very effective and cost-friendly recruiting solutions. In fact, we provide outstanding results to our clients for less than 70% of current recruiter compensations.

Some call us the “Talent Hunters” because we’re known to find that “Rockstar Talent” that’s a must for building great teams.

We follow a highly efficient 8 step process that allows us to find the right people with the right skills at the right times.


The Step-By-Step Ridgeback "SMART" Program

1. Receive the position

Our clients share details of the skills and requirements of the role. We meet internally to discuss options and tactics.

2. Client kick-off call

We have a kick-off meeting with our client to hash out the details of the request and set expectations on potential talent.

3. Refine job description

Following the kick-off meeting, it’s not uncommon for the job description to require revisions. We make appropriate edits to ensure we find the right talent.

4. Begin the talent hunt

Once the description is finalized, our team pools together skilled candidates from our database of 3 million+ prospects.

5. Contact the A-listers

Our recruitment team screens the selected candidates, and then contacts the most qualified talent on the list.

6. Qualify the talent

After making contact, we re-verify that the details on the candidate’s profile align with the skills expected by our client.

7. Conduct interviews

We pick the cream of the crop and begin interviews with each candidate to build rapport and set the expectations of the job

8. Submit to the client

Once we identify the most promising candidates, we pass our recommendations to our client for review and approval. If approved, an offer will be made.

Over $200,000 saved in recruitment fees

We helped one client recruit 30 mid level professionals at a fraction of traditional hiring costs.

Hired 50 professional service leaders

Our professional services client built their leadership team that were trained in the Leadership Development Program (LDP).

Recruited 5G leadership to support client operations

Successful experience recruiting cutting edge IT and telecom professionals for clients who are leading the way in innovation.

Recruited top tier e-comm consultants

We enabled a leading management consulting company to build their e-commerce experience.

Hired multiple approved government contractors

Our recruiting specialists vetted experienced government contractors to build and support a major contract.

Recruited a Chief of Staff for a billionaire

We helped an entrepreneur owner of a professional sports team and major event forum select their optimal chief of staff.

We can also talent hunt for part-time or interim management

Sometimes, companies have periods where strategic leadership is necessary, but there’s not enough financial sustainability to hire a full time executive in-house. This often happens to companies as the economy recovers from a recession or, as is the case with recent events, a global health pandemic disrupts economic growth.

Our SMART talent hunting program enables you to connect with the ideal person for a one-time or recurring series of tasks. Our database includes leadership candidates with proven senior management, vice president, or C-suite experience in sales, marketing, and other functional roles. Hiring leaders on an interim basis can provide real net benefits to the company.

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