About Ridgeback Recruiting

Connecting ambitious organizations with the right professional talent

We help businesses succeed

Proven talent hunters bringing exceptional people to you!

Our purpose

Ridgeback Recruiting is a subsidiary of Ridgeback Business Solutions.

We work with our clients with the same dedication and commitment to success through integrity, service, and trust.

RECRUITING is what we do, and we help companies everywhere build amazing teams that deliver results.

Our promise

By partnering with Ridgeback, our clients connect to the best and brightest talent in their respective industries.

Our team of proven talent hunters specializes in recruiting exceptional industry leaders, including those who work for our clients’ direct competitors.

We help organizations identify, locate, and hire the right people with the right skills at the right times.

Our areas of expertise

We’ve built our reputable SMART program to connect clients with skilled, capable, and dedicated professionals and do so across many industries.

Our program taps into a network of over 5 million industry leaders and delivered repeated success for companies in the fields of: • IT • Aviation • Communications • Cyber-security • Healthcare • Marketing • Transportation • And many more

About Ridgeback Recruiting

Ridgeback Recruiting is a unit of Ridgeback Business Solutions ~ a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Our firm is owned and led by a retired Marine Corps officer who also has over 20 years of business experience on top of a very successful military career.

Our Core Values


Without integrity, there cannot be trust and building trust with our clients is our number 1 priority.
Service Providing superior to our clients is paramount. The service we provide is a reflection of our company.


Through determination and tenacity, we always strive to achieve superior results.


Earning our clients trust is the greatest compliment we can receive.Service Providing superior to our clients is paramount. The service we provide is a reflection of our company.

Loyalty & Advocacy

If we take on a client, they have earned our loyalty and we then become their biggest advocates.

Our Mission

Is to help America’s business owners grow and prosper. We’re able to do so by focusing on three core area’s:

We Help Build Great Teams

through Ridgeback Recruiting, we become an extension of our clients talent team, we can help identify their needs, then go out and find the best talent to meet those needs.

We Help Increase Our Clients Revenue

By improving their lead generation through highly focused video and social media marketing.

We Help Our Clients Improve Their Leadership Teams

By building succession pipelines and leadership development programs.
These programs are highly focused on identifying great military veteran leaders who have transitioned to the corporate world and are looking for great organizations to lead others.

Our Value Proposition

We are firm believers in “capabilities tell but benefits sell” so its always important know the benefits that makes us different.​

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