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Ridgeback Recruiting

A Proven Hiring Process that puts the "Hunt" in Talent Hunting

Cost-Efficient Solution

A SMART Fee solution that saves many thousands in talent acquisition expenses.

DEEP Pool of Prospects

We have access to 5 million+ highly skilled professionals in our database.

Process-Oriented Talent Strategy

We follow a focused 8-step recruiting process to find the right talent for you.

Your business is our passion

Targeted recruitment of rock-star talent

We connect your brand with capable, proven, and qualified people to fill the right roles at the right times.

Effective, cost-friendly hiring alternative

Our clients save tens of thousands in hiring fees through our program with our talented hiring professionals.

Fast hiring that saves time & resources

Our agile service empowers internal recruiters, allowing more efficient uses of in-house resources.

Helping businesses scale to the next level

We hunt for industry leaders who are motivated by passion and a determination to grow and succeed.

Think "SMART" when recruiting the best possible talent.

Most leaders agree that the right people empower businesses to grow. Nothing slows you down like having the wrong people along for the ride.

Use our proven talent hunting program and save invaluable time, money, and resources to connect with your industry’s most capable talent at a fraction of traditional hiring costs.


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In house or outsourced recruiters?

In house recruiters

  • Are full time employees with salary and benefits
  • True cost is roughly 1.4 times salary
  • Has access to a limited network

Ridgeback Recruiters

  • Are your partners        
  • Work as a team          
  • Proactively identify and reach out to passive candidates
  • Have access to a larger network

In house recruiters

  • Limited to internal recruiting tools
  • Lack of outside corporate perspective
  • Don’t have as much incentive as outside recruiters

Ridgeback Recruiters

  •  Provide Anonymity
  • Directly recruit your competitors best talent
  • Reduced expenses through Ridgeback’s innovative fee structure

Ridgeback Recruiting Benefits

Ridgeback Is Cost-efficient

Attract high-quality talent without breaking the bank

Traditional hiring practices include expensive fees that balloon your total hiring costs.

Why not team up with a more affordable (and SMART) strategic hiring partner?

Reinvest those cost savings into efficiencies for your company and blaze a brighter trail towards sustainable growth.

Delivering outstanding results for less than 70% of your current recruiters’ compensation

Ridgeback provides proven recruitment expertise

Hire top candidates who are currently helping your competitors

The SMART program affordably leverages trained, qualified recruiters to hunt for capable and dependable talent. You’ll find candidates with the skills you’ve outlined, the salary range specified, and who are motivated by more than money.

✌Successful recruits include 5G leadership, government contract workers, and chiefs of staff for billionaires, to name just a few…

Ridgeback is Process-oriented & Has a Deep Talent Pool

Over 5 million highly attractive job candidates

Our database is a pool of highly skilled and talented prospects who will help take your business to the next level. Partner with our proven recruiters and use the SMART program to find the right people for the right positions at your company.

🔁Database contains proven prospects in IT, healthcare, telecommunications, aviation, cybersecurity, and more.



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